Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hee hee hee.... so, here are some shots of Kai underneath his pac-n-play. He can only crawl in one direction and that's backwards! So, as you can see, it only lead to trouble =)

He looked so funny because he was trying to get out - I know I know, I should have gone to help him instead of reach for the camera. What can I say? I know he was safe and it made for a great picture. =D

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wow!!! It has been crazy busy these last 5 or 6 days (what day is it???) Ryan was out of town last Friday through Sunday recording some new songs on the new Sovereign Grace cd "Sons and Daughters". I visited my mom's twin sister, Cynthia with Kai while he was gone and had lots of fun hanging out with family.
On Sunday, I had to rush out to LAX to pick up the hubby and get back to church in time for the baby dedication only to find out that the dedication had been moved to the end of the service. (Note: I did not glorify God that morning, Kai was fussy and I had to get myself ready for church all while knowing that it was Mother's Day and other mom's were getting the treatment in bed by their hubbies and children - major pitty party for myself.)
We enjoyed a Mother's Day lunch at the Baird's house after church and I got to be with Ryan for the rest of the Evening.

We're praying for Kai and all of the other kiddos that were getting dedicated that day.

As you can see, LOTS of other families had babies recently. It's been such a joy to walk in the same season as them and grow in our friendships. I'm looking forward to spending more time with them and watching our children grow up together.

On Monday I went and visited my Grandma (Dad's mom) who was in town from Montana. It was such a wonderful visit!! I so enjoyed talking with her and hanging out with her and my Aunt and my little cousin - Fallon. Here are some shots from our visit.

This last week has been no bueno for me in my walk with God. In complete contrast to last week where I was on a spiritual high, loving God's word, praying consistently and finding my joy in Him. This week I have had no desire to read or pray and have been seriously lacking in joy - just ask Ryan, he'll vouch for that. He was so good to bring this to me last night and I know and see that he is right. So, this morning - whether I FELT like it or not, I knew I needed to spend time with God before I did anything else. And what a blessing it was!!!!

Please keep me in your prayers - that I would grow in my love for God, serve and love my husband and be patient with Kai.

Love you all!!