Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.:Our First Beach Trip of the Summer:.

SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!!...for us, anyway =)
Today, Kai and I got to enjoy the beautiful southern California weather at the beach with dear friends. I am so thankful to God for the friends he has given me and for placing us in such a beautiful place where we can enjoy His creation!

Here's a shot of the up and coming generation - look out!

....HERE COMES TROUBLE!!! (Kai's face says it all)

...a shot of the camp. We were really excited about the success of bringing the kiddie pool - pathetic to bring a pool when you're at the BEACH - I know, but, it's a life saver when you have toddlers, let me tell ya!

My dear sweet sis-n-law, Nicole and her littlest, Georgia (aka: Dadoo).

Kai's trying to convince his buddy to get dirty in the sand but, Ty was feeling like he needed "Mommy cuddle" time =)

Thus concludes our first day at the beach and I am REALLY looking forward to the Baird Family Beach Camping trip that we're going on next week. It'll definitely be work and adventurous being almost 8 months pregnant and having an active toddler but it'll still be so much fun! Kai will be in hog heaven with being able to be outside 24/7 since we don't really have the ability to roam freely at our apartment.

Will post more soon =) love you all!