Thursday, April 29, 2010

.:Today's Pics:.

Here's some new shots from the day:

Kai discovered a new talent and has been obsessively showing it off all day - shoving 2 "binkies" into his mouth at the same time. It was so hilarious that I had to take a pic with my phone and send it to my family =)

We took a trip to the Dr's today because his left eye has been really red for the last 2 days and I was starting to wonder if it was Pink Eye. Thankfully, after a really cool test where they dropped yellow dye into his eye and then shone a black light on it, they discovered that he had severely scratched it. THANK YOU, GOD that it's not Pink Eye!!! (You can kind of see how red it is in this pic) So, we just got to give it time and put drops in it to prevent infection and to soothe it so that he stops rubbing at it and making it worse.

My belly bump at 24 weeks. I feel like I'm bigger than I was with Kai.

Kai being cute for the camera =)

Life this week has been tough and is finally starting to get easier. Kai was pretty sick these last 2 days and with the eye thing plus no sleep - he and I were pretty unhappy campers. But, God was good and revealed a lot to me about my heart and where I've been finding my joy - in my circumstances! I need to constantly speak the truth to myself that Jesus has taken care of my GREATEST need by dying on the cross and through His resurrection from the grave. THAT'S where my joy needs to be - that I am saved!!! NOT in where I live or don't live, how my child is behaving, how ugly or pretty my possesions are or in maintaining a healthy weight. All those things are blessings from my Creator and are NOT to be worshiped but are to point me to the one who DOES deserve all my praise!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Here...

I'm still here...

With Ryan getting all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled, starting his new position at work and our internet being down for about a week, I feel so out of touch with everyone and need to catch up.

Yes, Ryan's still recovering from his surgery that he had last Friday. He's still in a lot of pain which is no wonder since they had to put in 4 stitches on each side of his cheeks on the bottom jaw on top of that, he has 4 gaping holes where his teeth used to be. Ryan has a pretty high pain tolerance and doesn't usually complain when he's not feeling well so the fact that a week later he's still really affected by the amount of pain he's in makes me wonder if somethings wrong. We have a follow-up appointment on Saturday so we'll find out if there's any infections brewing.

On top of that, he started his new position in the Customer Service/Sales department at his job. PRAISE GOD!!!! We were really praying and asking God to provide a way for us to eventually move into a bigger apartment (we're in a 1 bedroom right now) and it's really cool to see Him provide =) His new boss has a lot of hope for him and everyone's really excited to see what he'll accomplish in the department. My hubby's ruling his dominion and playing to win! =D

Kai is getting so big and is such a little man! He loves his Daddy and certainly takes a lot after him! He's weird, querky and spazy and super cute and makes my role as a Mom super easy (most of the time). We've been teaching him how to pray at dinner time and he thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread! All through out dinner he'll stop us, hold out his hands to us with a huge smile on his face and squeal for us to pray. That's my favorite thing right now =)

I'm getting bigger as I come up to my 24th week (6th month) mark and Adon is kicking good and strong now. Everything is going great, my energy is back, morning sickness gone and I'm starting to make a routine of going on daily walks and eating well to keep my weight healthy this time. Housework is much more doable again and God's been giving me opportunities to serve others through out the week by watching their kids.

Hopefully, I'll get some good pics of us soon and will post them. Don't hold your breath though, for one of me - I'm not exactly photogenic right now (or at least, not feeling it).

love you all!