Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, here are some random shots of Kai - just for the heck of it =)

I am so thankful for him!! Both Ryan and I can't get over how blessed we are to have him. Even when he's crying his head off because he doesn't want to go to bed (which he's doing right now).

Anyway, we had a lot of fun this last weekend. On Saturday we went to the park with our care group for lunch. It being a gorgeous day, it brought a lot of joy in just sitting on a picnic blanket, eating chicken legs and pasta salad and basking in the sunlight. Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

We then drove down to Orange County because Ryan got to lead worship at our church extension in Irvine. We left for OC right after the park and got down there in time to hang out at the Irvine Spectrum - totally cool shopping mall! It's all out doors and - it being a gorgeous day, just sang the glorious truth that summers' just around the corner =)

Oh ya! He's also sitting up on his own -did I already mention that in my previous post??? Oh well, here's a picture :

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Never Mind!!!

Okay, I know I said that I was moving but, plans changed. I tried setting up a wordpress account - and was able to but, I could not figure out how to post pictures and such!! It was too frustrating so, instead, I'm going to stay with blogger and just get a face lift - my blog that is - not me =)

Well, since I last posted, my husband got a job and has been promoted to a full time annalist and has since gotten 2 raises!!! Wahoo!! Let's here it for the God who cares! =)

We also moved out of Ryan's parents house and into our own place. It's a 1 bedroom apartment in a 4plex, has hard wood floors, washer and dryer hookups and is a single story unit - so no one is above us or below us =) We are quite enjoying it and I will put up pictures soon.

In the meantime, here's some shots of Kai and what he's been up to lately:

Yup! Food!!! He's still getting the hang of it, he really liked the Pear-Blueberry stuff but is not quite into the sweet potatos. I think he's going to be a lot like his mommy where he prefers the fruity sweet stuff =) Rice cereal is DEFINITELY a work in progress. Every time I give it to him he makes a face, opens his mouth and starts going "uggghhh!!" lol! ha ha ha

He's making really cute and hilarious faces as well as giggling, sqealing, talking and cooing. No screaming yet. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Last month, my sister-n-law, Jessie visited with my little nephew, Ethan. He is a spitting image of Ian when he was a baby. It was pretty freaky at first but he's super cute.

Kai had a fun time haning out with Ethan and teaching him what he knows =)

Kai is not only rolling over constantly but he's also now getting up on all fours and trying to go places!!! Wahoo!! I'm so excited =)

God is good and works only for the good of those who love and fear Him. He has been slowly working in my heart to spend time with him in the morning while Kai is down for his morning nap. It's so easy and tempting for me to want to do household duties or meal planning or just farting around on the computer but He's been teaching me that NOTHING is as important as spending time Him, sitting at his feet and listening to His voice. I am excited to see my love for Christ to grow and deepen to the point where I cannot live a single day or moment without wanting to be in His presence, seeking His face. I love Him and only want more love for Him.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Comming Soon to a Bloggin World Near You....

Hi friends and family!!!

I'm sorry I've been so absent. I'll make it up and fill you in but not here. That's right! I'm moving! I will no longer be using blogspot and will now be on wordpress. Once I get it all together I will post up my new address =)

"Why the change?" you ask? I just like the layout and format of wordpress more. So, keep checking back here for the new address.

Love you all!