Sunday, December 19, 2010

Since I last posted...

My biggest turned 2 years old in October!!!

My littlest turned 4 months old!!!

I died my brown/black...

Kai-guy has been walking in his Daddy's footsteps and dress up like him...

Ryan & I got to get away for a marriage retreat where not only did we relax and have a wonderful time re-connecting but, I got to try my first Lobster!!!

We're celebrating our first Christmas as a family of 4!!!

Oh ya, and we moved into our new home where we have been blessed with many opportunities to have people over and practice hospitality (something we desperately need to grow in!)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friends, Family & Cookies, OH MY!!!

Here's what we've been up to: (I don't know how to get this "underline" function to dissapear)

Playing, playing, playing with family and friends while Daddy is away on business trips...

Finding ways to cool off and have fun in this nasty humid heat...

learning to share.... hee hee

taking frequent naps to re-charge the batteries for more fun =)

and eating lots of cookies!!!

A friend of mine posted this delicious recipe for all organic cookies that not only make a tasty treat but also helps to boost your milk production. However, if you're a man, a child or someone who ISN'T nursing - they're just really good for you and will NOT make you produce milk ;)
I hardly EVER bake - let alone from scratch - don't even mention doing anything organic so the fact that I even made these is a HUGE step for me. I had to go out & buy a lot of the organic ingredients (ie: brewer's yeast, flaxseed meal, organic oats, etc) so it cost me a pretty penny.
So, now I'm going to sit back, enjoy my treat and see if it helps me to produce more milk.

PS: I'm actually doing fine on the breast milk. Ryan and I are going to a marriage retreat in about a month and I would like to leave BOTH kids behind which means that I need to have a nice stock of breast milk for Adon and I'm thinking this might save me a lot of unnecessary pumping.

Love you & God Bless you!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010



I am so excited that I get to embark on this adventure of being in a house full of boys! Though...I do pray that one day I'll get at least one girl ;) Kai is LOVING his new baby brother. This morning, I had Adon on the bed while I got dressed and Kai came in, saw him lying there and wanted to snuggle up close to him. He even made sure that Adon was well covered by the blanket. It was too cute to resist! I had to take a picture...

There are moments where Adon will be watching Kai and a big smile while appear on his face. This kid is so smiley! It took everything I had to get Kai to smile at this age but not with Adon - the minute he sees me he breaks out into a big, open-mouthed smile =) One of these days, I'll be ready with camera in hand to capture the moment.

These 2 are suckers for their binkies. I'm in the process of weaning Kai off of it but I'm not really serious yet. If he's playing happily I'll simply ask for it and put it in his crib and tell him that "happy boys don't need binkies". Anyway, I'm thinking I'll get real serious about it when I potty train him (which will probably be sometime after christmas). It might just be me but in my opinion, if you're old enough to do your dooty on your own on a big boy potty, you're too big to be sucking on a pacifier.

Life is going farely well, I have to say. I'm finding more times for devotions which is unexpected. I was thinking that I'd have time to read only 2 verses here and there but I've been blessed with a good half hour at least during the boys' nap time. (Yes! They take naps at the same time, praise God!) Adon is still a really easy going baby - eats, sleeps, poops and only cries when he needs to do one of those 3 things or just wants to be held. He's definitely looking like his own little person and I'm seeing some serious red in his hair and green-brown in his eyes =)

Last Friday I mailed out 23 resumes for apartment management positions here in Pasadena and as a result, we have an interview set up for next Friday for a beautiful complex in the downtown Pasadena area. I'm super excited and filled with peace that God's will is better and what ever place we end up in - it will be perfect for our family =)

Ryan's job is going EXTREMELY well. He had his first business trip to AZ last week (yes, I stayed home with the kids and survived thanks be to God, Lynn & Terri) and is out to dinner right now with his CEO & VP!!! God answer's prayer, I'll tell ya what! We're both very thankful to God for this job and for how He is pouring out favor on Ryan with his coworkers and employers.

That's us in a nutshell for now. I'll be keeping you all posted and will try to stay current with pictures =)

Love you!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Adoniram Allen Baird (Adon for short)
August 19th, 2010 1:55pm
7 lbs 14 oz, 20 in. long

I had an AMAZING labor & delivery!!! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us - prayer works, let me tell ya!
Real labor began at around 9:00am on Thursday, the 19th and I had my Doula, Gracie Davis come over with her labor gear (birth ball, heating pad, etc) to help me labor at home as long as possible. Both she, Ryan and my mom helped me through the hard contractions with massage and acupressure. By around 12:00pm, I was starting to really think about drugs and with my contractions being 2 minutes long and 3 minutes apart, I was ready to go to the hospital...

...We got to the hospital at around 12:30pm and they started the admission process and hooked me up to the external fetal monitor to check on Adon. I was really starting to go through the "self-doubt" phase and told the nurses that I thought I might be in transition. Sure enough, after checking me, I was 6-7 centimeters dialated...

...As soon as they were done monitoring the baby, Gracie helped me get onto all fours for the rest of my labor (I was having a lot of back labor and this was how I was comfiest). As soon as I did this, things blasted off from there! I immediately dilated to 8 and my body was already pushing the baby out on it's own!!! This was the most bizarre yet AMAZING feeling EVER!!!
The baby was coming and there was NO amount of breathing it off to stop it!!!
I announced this to the world and they decided to check me again and sure enough, it was time to push =D I pushed for maybe 3-4 contractions and my little guy entered into the world.

This was by far the most painful experience I have ever gone through but for some strange reason, I'd do it again!!! I am filled with sooo much joy and excitement as I look back on the whole process. As painful as it was, it was awe inspiring and amazing to see my body do all of the work on it's own (with God as it's comander, of course) and feel the baby move through the canal and out into the world!

Not only was the delivery amazing but recovery has been 10 times faster and easier than it was with Kai. I didn't tear so to not have stitches down there really made recovery a lot easier =)
Now, I know there are other factors too like the fact that it's my 2nd baby and I was in much better shape to begin with ( I'm 7 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight already) but, I'm convinced that not having all of the drugs going through my body helped my body to get back on it's feet a lot faster.

Needless to say, I am soooo doing this again with my next baby!

Here's the proud and happy big brother! It was amazing how he went from being my little guy to my big boy in just one weekend =) Kai has been doing great with little brother. He loves to give Adon his pacifier and he always makes sure that the baby has his blanket too. Those are the 2 essentials in Kai's life =) hee hee

Will continue to keep you posted... still need to find the darn camera cord!

Love you all! =D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comming Soon...

Hey everyone!

Sorry to have not posted in a while. I lost the cord that connects my camera to our computer so, I have several pics still on my camera that I would like to post (Ryan and I's 5th year anniversary pics & the most recent belly bump pics).
Hopefully we'll find it soon so that I can update y'all on the life =)

I'm 2 days away from my due date and I can't tell you enough how excited I am! My goal is to have this little one all natural - the Bradley way. I've been doing lots of studying and reading and training with my doula friend and feel as prepared as I'm ever going to be =)
With Kai, I had the epidural experience and, although it was pain free, I didn't like the experience as a whole. To begin with, the whole process of the epidural being administered was intense and just the thought of someone sticking a NEEDLE into my spinal column still gives me the creeps =P
I ended up still feeling a lot of "pressure pain" right before I started pushing for a good solid hour and then just the fact that I couldn't tell if I was even pushing when it was time because, you know, YOU'RE BASICALLY PARALYZED, I didn't like that either.
So, with that experience, I am REALLY motivated to try an unmedicated birth. Not only will both I and the baby benefit from this physically but, I'm also really excited to experience God in a whole new way =)
He has created my womanly body to perform this role and it is HIS hand alone that is making my body contract and deliver this little blessing! All of the details of the happenings of child birth are just so obviously an invisible God making things happen in a visible world and I can't wait to see Him in bigger way because of this experience.

I probably won't be blogging again until after Adon comes (unless I find my camera cord and post some belly pics), so please pray for Ryan and I as well as for this delivery.
Pray that God would unite Ryan and I in a deeper way as we work together to bring this little one into the world and as a result, love each other more deeply.
Pray also for God's protection over Adon as he's born, that there will not be any complications and that he would be a completely healthy little boy.

In the meantime, praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

~Underwood Family Farms~

So, due to the fact that I only have about a month and half before little brother gets here, I am jumping on every opportunity to do something fun with my Kai guy.

Today, my friends let me crash their outing to Underwood Family Farms out in Simi Valley where the admission is CHEAP ($3!!!) and there's sooo much for kids and family to do together. With all of the farm animals, Kids Corral, train and pony rides plus a HUGE farm to go and pick whatever kind of produce you like, there was definitely NOT a dull moment!

Here are some of my favorite shots from our expidition:

The kids LOVED this ginormous pyramid made out of hay stacks - it helped to not be so nervouse about Kai being up that high when it's nothing but hay to break his fall =)

They also had these wagons (for free!!) that you could use for the day which was one of the favorite activities that Kai really enjoyed.

"Say what?!!" it girl!

They had these wooden trains and tractors everywhere that the kids can climb and play in.

And, of course, what would a farm be without chickens!! I got lots of shots of some of the other animals but, I didn't think that'd interest you ; )

My farm boy! He had sooo much fun and Ryan was super bummed that he couldn't go that I think we'll be making another trip out to Underwood Family Farms.

I'm so excited that God's giving me these opportunities to do fun things with Kai before the baby gets here (notice how I'm not saying a name - Ryan and I are re-thinking the name we had). I know he won't remember them when he's older but, we've got some great pics to look back on and remember =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Whewww!! We are back from our annual Baird Family beach camping trip that we took in San Elijo, CA (it's down by Oceanside/Carlsbad area). We had sooo much fun regardless of the amount of work it took. Kai and I went down with Ryan's family on Monday and Ryan met us down there after work on Wednesday and we stayed until Sunday night.

I so enjoyed watching Kai in his element! He LOVES being outside (like any boy does, I'm sure) so the fact that he got to be in the dirt and sand from sunrise to sunset was his biggest dream come true and was a happy camper....that is, until it was time to go to bed or take a nap =)

(This shot was taken at Sea Port Village in San Diego - just before we got on the Carosel)

Our home-sweet-home: the tent. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as being able to sleep on a blow-up mattress being 8 months pregnant. It actually was very comfy because I brought our Postra-pedic (spelling??) mattress topper and put that on top of the air mattress and made it up into a REAL bed.

Anywho, I love sleeping in tents at the beach because I love falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. I DON'T, however, enjoy falling asleep to the neighboring campers and whatever parties they might be throwing so I usually try to remember to bring ear plugs. Kai slept through it all to, amazingly enough.

Kickin' it with Grandma and Grandpa Baird and eating his favorite snack - a pickle =) That's my boy

He is a beach bum at heart - he LOVED to come over and just lay in the sun for a couple minutes...

...then go and play in his pool and sand, and then come lay down some more. Snack, rest, play - that's what you do on vacation, right?

Daddy got the idea...note: he forgot to bring a pair of sunglasses so I let him borrow mine. He's very secure in his manliness =) hee hee

Auntie Meghan had fun too! I had to remind her that it was Kai's pool and she needed to let HIM play in it ;) hee hee

Of course, camping wouldn't be as much fun if you didn't have your cousins to play and get dirty with.

Oh my!! Georgia LOVES her fruit leathers =D

Workin' the latest sand bucket fashion =)

Givin' mommy a kiss! He's my sweet boy!

All in all it was a great trip and wouldn't trade the memories for the world. Vacationing with small children, I've realized, IS alot of work but it's sooo worth it!!! Ryan and I really enjoyed ourselves and the time we got to spend together as a family before Adon arrives.

I can't believe I only have 7 weeks left before Adon comes!! The month of July is going to FLY by as I just enrolled in a certification course to get my Apartment Managers Certificate. Ryan and I really want to pursue becoming apartment managers as a way to save money and be able to live in a bigger place. I'm also viewing it as a way that I can help serve my family financially and taking on this responsibility as a job that I can do from home and still be with my kids.

Ryan's new job and position are going really well and by God's undeserved favor, he is really receiving a lot of favor from his employers and everyone has HIGH hopes and expectations for him in this company. It's exciting to see God answer our prayers through this job and I can't wait to see what will unfold =)

My pregnancy is going well - no complications or ailments. Just the 3rd trimester trudge - no energy, restless legs at night and not being able to fall asleep as fast. Adon is an active little guy - more so than I remember Kai being in the womb - and keeps me up at night sometimes but, I'd rather have that than the opposite where I'm constantly counting movements and worried that he's not moving enough (which I did with Kai).

There is always so much more that I could write about but, for your sake, I'll save it for the next post. You know, break it up a little ;)

Love you and we hope you're having a WONDERFUL summer!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.:Our First Beach Trip of the Summer:.

SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!!...for us, anyway =)
Today, Kai and I got to enjoy the beautiful southern California weather at the beach with dear friends. I am so thankful to God for the friends he has given me and for placing us in such a beautiful place where we can enjoy His creation!

Here's a shot of the up and coming generation - look out!

....HERE COMES TROUBLE!!! (Kai's face says it all)

...a shot of the camp. We were really excited about the success of bringing the kiddie pool - pathetic to bring a pool when you're at the BEACH - I know, but, it's a life saver when you have toddlers, let me tell ya!

My dear sweet sis-n-law, Nicole and her littlest, Georgia (aka: Dadoo).

Kai's trying to convince his buddy to get dirty in the sand but, Ty was feeling like he needed "Mommy cuddle" time =)

Thus concludes our first day at the beach and I am REALLY looking forward to the Baird Family Beach Camping trip that we're going on next week. It'll definitely be work and adventurous being almost 8 months pregnant and having an active toddler but it'll still be so much fun! Kai will be in hog heaven with being able to be outside 24/7 since we don't really have the ability to roam freely at our apartment.

Will post more soon =) love you all!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Dream Stroller =)

It's the Phil & Teds Sport with doubles kit - AND it's 3 STROLLERS in one!!! It's a jogging stroller, it's compact enough to take to stores or malls AND because you can convert it from a single stroller to a double, we don't have to worry about taking only one of the kids out in a massive double stroller. So it completely eliminates ANY need of having 3 separate strollers! Which for a family like us who will most likely be living in an apartment for the next 3-5 years, we need to save as much space as possible.

After much researching and consideration, Ryan and I have come to the conclusion that we'd like to make this investment. I say "investment" because it's EXPENSIVE! A friend, however, bought one off of the website: and got it for a pretty good price. So, since this stroller is REALLY high quality, it should endure the next 3 kids or so and we won't have to make another stroller purchase again...At least, that's the idea ;)

Any who, we're selling stuff that we no longer need and are saving up for this black beauty!
I don't normally post of about "stuff" but, I'm just totally sold and excited about the idea of owning one of these babies! I'm praying that God will provide and I have faith that He will =)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

.:Today's Pics:.

Here's some new shots from the day:

Kai discovered a new talent and has been obsessively showing it off all day - shoving 2 "binkies" into his mouth at the same time. It was so hilarious that I had to take a pic with my phone and send it to my family =)

We took a trip to the Dr's today because his left eye has been really red for the last 2 days and I was starting to wonder if it was Pink Eye. Thankfully, after a really cool test where they dropped yellow dye into his eye and then shone a black light on it, they discovered that he had severely scratched it. THANK YOU, GOD that it's not Pink Eye!!! (You can kind of see how red it is in this pic) So, we just got to give it time and put drops in it to prevent infection and to soothe it so that he stops rubbing at it and making it worse.

My belly bump at 24 weeks. I feel like I'm bigger than I was with Kai.

Kai being cute for the camera =)

Life this week has been tough and is finally starting to get easier. Kai was pretty sick these last 2 days and with the eye thing plus no sleep - he and I were pretty unhappy campers. But, God was good and revealed a lot to me about my heart and where I've been finding my joy - in my circumstances! I need to constantly speak the truth to myself that Jesus has taken care of my GREATEST need by dying on the cross and through His resurrection from the grave. THAT'S where my joy needs to be - that I am saved!!! NOT in where I live or don't live, how my child is behaving, how ugly or pretty my possesions are or in maintaining a healthy weight. All those things are blessings from my Creator and are NOT to be worshiped but are to point me to the one who DOES deserve all my praise!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Here...

I'm still here...

With Ryan getting all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled, starting his new position at work and our internet being down for about a week, I feel so out of touch with everyone and need to catch up.

Yes, Ryan's still recovering from his surgery that he had last Friday. He's still in a lot of pain which is no wonder since they had to put in 4 stitches on each side of his cheeks on the bottom jaw on top of that, he has 4 gaping holes where his teeth used to be. Ryan has a pretty high pain tolerance and doesn't usually complain when he's not feeling well so the fact that a week later he's still really affected by the amount of pain he's in makes me wonder if somethings wrong. We have a follow-up appointment on Saturday so we'll find out if there's any infections brewing.

On top of that, he started his new position in the Customer Service/Sales department at his job. PRAISE GOD!!!! We were really praying and asking God to provide a way for us to eventually move into a bigger apartment (we're in a 1 bedroom right now) and it's really cool to see Him provide =) His new boss has a lot of hope for him and everyone's really excited to see what he'll accomplish in the department. My hubby's ruling his dominion and playing to win! =D

Kai is getting so big and is such a little man! He loves his Daddy and certainly takes a lot after him! He's weird, querky and spazy and super cute and makes my role as a Mom super easy (most of the time). We've been teaching him how to pray at dinner time and he thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread! All through out dinner he'll stop us, hold out his hands to us with a huge smile on his face and squeal for us to pray. That's my favorite thing right now =)

I'm getting bigger as I come up to my 24th week (6th month) mark and Adon is kicking good and strong now. Everything is going great, my energy is back, morning sickness gone and I'm starting to make a routine of going on daily walks and eating well to keep my weight healthy this time. Housework is much more doable again and God's been giving me opportunities to serve others through out the week by watching their kids.

Hopefully, I'll get some good pics of us soon and will post them. Don't hold your breath though, for one of me - I'm not exactly photogenic right now (or at least, not feeling it).

love you all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

.:Catchin' Up:.

Just realized that it's been a loooong time since I've put up some family pics. Here you go friends and family far away =)

Kai and his best bud Ty at the park (our favorite place):

Us at the Rose Parade (ya, it's been a while):

Kai's favorite new past time is building forts out of our couch pillows - these were just taken tonight =)

Now that my camera is finally unloaded, I'll be taking more and posting more =)

Love you all!