Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hint Hint =D

I found the diaper bag of my dreams!  My  sister-n-law, Bethany has a Ju Ju Be diaper bag and raves about how awesome it is.  I checked out their website and compared their diaper bags with those at Target and Babies R Us and this one beats them all.  Sure it's on the pricier side of things (this bag sells for $117) but, I would much rather get a diaper bag that I can use for more than one child than get one that will brake before I'm done using it with my first.

So, when the time comes and you're wondering what you want to get me for my baby shower, wonder no more, my friends.  Here is a little "hint hint" from me =) This color and this style too.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

3 YEARS!!!

I LOVE MY HUBBY!!! Wednesday, July 23rd was our 3 year anniversary...we are now no longer considered newly weds...sniff...sniff...but, that doesn't mean we have to stop acting like one =)

  So, Ryan planned the most wonderful relaxing evening we've had in a long time.  He took me to the Farmer's Market in Sierra Madre where he let me buy whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted.  Now, I have been craving fruit like nothing else so, needless to say, I bought all the peaches, grapes, strawberries and whatever else I could get my hands on.
Then, he took me over to the house in Sierra Madre that he's been remodeling and is now on the market.  He had set it all up and decorated it with beautiful roses, table set for two and one of the bedrooms set up.  I walked in and music was playing and the table looked so beautiful.
Our table for just the two of us - it's been a long time since we've had a meal all to ourselves that wasn't in a restaurant.  It was like old times and I was so incredibly blessed and filled with joy.
After a delicious dinner of Penne Rustica from Macaroni Grill(delivered to us by Ryan's brother, Jonathan),  we walked into downtown Sierra Madre to try and get coffee.  Little did we know, everything closes at 7 or 8 so, no such luck =(
We walked back to the house, lit a fire, enjoyed some melted Hagan Daaz ice cream and some good books.
We spent the night on the probably the hardest bed ever but, it was still the best anniversary I think we've had so far.  Last year we were in Lake Tahoe for a week but the actual day of our anniversary didn't compare to this one.  
My man delivered - I love it when he does things using his own creativity.  Things never turn out as fun when I try to plan them - I so enjoy seeing what Ryan comes up with and the Romantic side of him come out.
Also, doesn't this house look gorgeous?  Anyone want to buy it???? PLEASE!!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico was Ryan's favorite stop as well as the HOTTEST!!!.  He, my Dad and brothers went on a Jungle Bike ride through Myan ruins - lucky dog!...Or, was he? While he was swettin' up a storm enjoying the tropical jungle, I was....
...chillin' out on a beach with my Step-Mom, sister and sister-n-law.  Like I said, it was the HOTTEST stop so I sat my prego tushy underneath an umbrella and made sure I stayed hydrated.  This is also where the waiter tried to rip us off by first telling us that we had to order at least $10 per person in order to sit here - we agreed.  After we ate our delicious nachos and enjoyed a drink, he tried to tell us it was $40...sigh, "okay" we say as we get out our wallets.  "No - $40 a person" he says - WHAT?!!! Like hell you did!...ya, we totally flipped out on him and he immediately backed down saying "sorry, sorry, my mistake".  WHAT EVER!!
Yes, I am now getting to the point where I  can balance a drink on my growing belly =D
There were also some VERY interesting characters hanging around - not that much different though, from walking around in so cal.
This was our last and final stop.  The last day and a half we spent on the ship headed back towards Miami.  By the time we were making our way back, I was ready to fall asleep in a bed that was on dry land.  I was going a little stir crazy on that big boat.  All in all we had fun in the sun and enjoyed each others company tremendously! I am already looking forward to the next cruise - Mediteranean =D  Hope you guys enjoyed the pics.  

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Yup, Grand Cayman was my favorite stop.  It was the most beautiful beach I saw on the trip.  Ryan and I road a boat into the island and took a taxi to this beach that's called 7 Mile Beach.  We found a nice spot with some chairs, grabbed some Coronas (water for me, thanks) and enjoyed the view.  The water was so delightful and wonderful to swim and float around in.  Kai (the little bean in my oven) like it too.  Any time I  had to get out of the water he would start kicking - I believe he was telling me to back in =)
Isn't it beautiful? 
My handsome man looking gorgeously hot in his new suit =)  You can also see the dark ominous clouds threatening to bring rain our way.  Which, it did - big FAT rain that came on suddenly and stopped as fast it started.
Enjoying every minute of it.
Heck Yes!  Ryan and I went to Jack Sparrow's favorite spot - Tortuga (Wine and Spirits - for his rum of course)... Little did Ryan know that he could have gotten that fantastic Jamaican Rum that he had bought in Jamaica for a lot cheaper here.  Oh well, live you learn.
Ryan's face after he found out about how he was worked in Jamaica and could have saved some dough.

This stop wasn't too adventurous.  It was actually the most quite and relaxing of the 4.  Grand Cayman is also known for it's shopping!  It had great little shops that sold really cute items - I bought an ornament that is Santa Clause in a red & white striped bathing suite carring a life saver that says "Cayman Islands" on it.  I love it - though, I had to talk Ryan into letting me get it - hee hee hee.  
Next stop, Cozumel, Mexico.  I'll post those pics up in a day or two =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Dunn's River Falls - where thousands of tourists can pay to stand and walk up these beautiful waterfalls with the smarter ones watching them from a boardwalk above.  Yes, I got to enjoy the luxury of taking pictures from the side lines because...

...I was not about to risk slipping and falling down on my prego belly on these wet rocks!! I would have done it though, if I weren't pregnant.  Brown murky water and all, it was so hot and humid the thought of getting in that water was really tempting =)
Luckily, I had my Daddy to hang out with and make jokes at the stupid tourists who were being led into dorky chants and campy songs while making the watery treck.  It was soo silly at times that it reminded us of a day care or summer camp for big kids/adults - hee hee hee.
My wonderful new sister-n-law, Jessie.  It was such a joy to get to spend more time with her and get to know her more.  I can't wait to see their little one - yes, she has one in the oven.  Doesn't she look fabulous?!!
Here is one of many of the beautiful plant life that we saw.  Our tour guide showed us a certain fruit (already forgot the name of it) that they eat alot of in Jamaica and it can only be eaten after it blooms on it's own.  If you try to eat it before the plant opens, it releases a poisonous gas that can kill you.  
Along the waterfall hike, there were also alot of huge spiders that were yellow and black.  They were the creepiest things ever.  I tried to take a picture of them but they were too far away and my point-n-shoot camera couldn't focus on them.

That wraps up our second stop.  We took a tour bus to and from the falls and the guide was able to direct our attention to the different achievements of Jamaica, such as their sugar containers...oooh ahhhh....and the big mantion of a house that some famous Jamaican golfer used to live in....wooowww!!!!  

Ryan also bought some supposedly really good Jamaican Rum which he brought home.  However, he didn't quite wrap one of the bottles really well in his suitcase and when we opened it, we found all of his clothes drenched in Rum and shards of glass everywhere. =(  But, at least he has one bottle left to enjoy.  Drink up, Lover =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Labadee, Haiti

Our first stop was in Labadee, Haiti - commonly known as the poorest place on earth and yet it's very beautiful in this little spot that we went to. Apparently, Royal Caribbean bought this little chunk of Haiti's peninsula and made it completely touristy. I don't mind though, it was gorgeous as you can see. The water was beautiful turquoise blue with a sandy bottom and was probably around 70-80 degrees. You could rent either snorkel gear or a floaty for more fun. On the other side of the peninsula they had lots of water slides, trampolines and rock climbing floaties out in the water. I wanted to play sooo bad!

Anyway, these are the good ones from this stop, tomorrow I'll share pictures from out next stop at Ocho Rios, Jamaica where Ryan and the boys climbed a water fall =) Hope you're enjoying these!

Monday, July 14, 2008

We're Back from the Caribbean!

Hey everyone!

We're back from the Caribbean and we had SOOO MUCH FUN!!! I will be sharing pictures from our trip and all of the different places we visited through out the week so, keep coming and check them out. We were on Royal Caribbean's "Freedom of the Seas" ship which is the largest cruise ship in the world! It was absolutely gorgeous and I have to say - it was a HUGE challenge to make God the focus when everything and everyone is there to serve YOU. But, God gave me personally lots of grace and just poured out His blessings on the whole family. In case you didn't know - my Dad and step-mom blessed Ryan and myself as well as Ian and Jessie by taking us on this 8 day, 7 night cruise. We enjoyed every minute of it - even when it was freakin' hot and humid!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy these snap shots and the corresponding captions =)