Friday, August 22, 2008

Cool Tip:

How To Get a Spiker Out of the Bathtub:
If you don't have any bug spray - use hairspray! If you spray spiders with hair spray, it'll "freeze" their legs so they can't move/crawl up and out of the tub. Then you can safely remove the spider without fear that it's going to jump out at you or crawl up your arm. I never knew about this awesome trick.
Hope it'll help you in future battles =)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our New Home!!!

WAHOOO!!!!! God has heard Ryan and I's consistant prayers! We have been in the process of trying to buy a condo unit in this new development for the last 2 years!!! Long story short, God has intervened several times to make this a possibility for us and now it's finally concluding (as Ryan says, "we're not moved in yet"). We just went in this afternoon to sign the Purchasing Agreement with the Housing Association and went over all the final details. Now, we're just going to be prayerfully waiting for escrow to close (which will probably be for another month or so).
The specs of our unit: 3 story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, full living room and dinning room, beautiful kitchen with actual tile floors - NO LINOLIUM!, Dishwasher, fridge and new oven/stove all included. HOLY FREAKIN COW!!!! Anyway, it's a God-send and we are so excited about moving in. The most awesome part is that God answered our prayers about enabling us to move in before the baby gets here. I am soooo happy and filled with joy and thanksgiving for what God has done! He hears our prayers and it totally pays to trust in Him and wait PATIENTLY for Him =)
We will be sure to post pics of it once we're moved in.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Wow!!! That's all I can say is "Wow!" I started reading this book last night and I'm already half way through it. This is a biography on the lead guitarist from Korn and his testimony on how he found Jesus Christ. So far it's pretty intense. A word of warning - he's truthful about all of the horrible stuff he did before he was a christian and like any life that is not saved by God's grace, it's pretty dark and disturbing. A couple parts got under my skin but, I'm looking forward to reading about the moment he turned to the Lord.
Alot of it is about how he came to be in the band Korn and the road that they walked as a band and also about his daughter and ex-wife. It totally changed my perspective and outlook on secular artists in this field - I see them through new eyes. It's far from a glamorous life and all of the reports of the rich and famous going in and out of marriages and drug/alcohol clinics makes total sense now.
Anyway, it's a very interesting read and quite the page turner and I hope that God will bless his work by using this book as a tool to bring those who are running on the path that he once walked, into the light of the gospel.