Thursday, September 23, 2010



I am so excited that I get to embark on this adventure of being in a house full of boys! Though...I do pray that one day I'll get at least one girl ;) Kai is LOVING his new baby brother. This morning, I had Adon on the bed while I got dressed and Kai came in, saw him lying there and wanted to snuggle up close to him. He even made sure that Adon was well covered by the blanket. It was too cute to resist! I had to take a picture...

There are moments where Adon will be watching Kai and a big smile while appear on his face. This kid is so smiley! It took everything I had to get Kai to smile at this age but not with Adon - the minute he sees me he breaks out into a big, open-mouthed smile =) One of these days, I'll be ready with camera in hand to capture the moment.

These 2 are suckers for their binkies. I'm in the process of weaning Kai off of it but I'm not really serious yet. If he's playing happily I'll simply ask for it and put it in his crib and tell him that "happy boys don't need binkies". Anyway, I'm thinking I'll get real serious about it when I potty train him (which will probably be sometime after christmas). It might just be me but in my opinion, if you're old enough to do your dooty on your own on a big boy potty, you're too big to be sucking on a pacifier.

Life is going farely well, I have to say. I'm finding more times for devotions which is unexpected. I was thinking that I'd have time to read only 2 verses here and there but I've been blessed with a good half hour at least during the boys' nap time. (Yes! They take naps at the same time, praise God!) Adon is still a really easy going baby - eats, sleeps, poops and only cries when he needs to do one of those 3 things or just wants to be held. He's definitely looking like his own little person and I'm seeing some serious red in his hair and green-brown in his eyes =)

Last Friday I mailed out 23 resumes for apartment management positions here in Pasadena and as a result, we have an interview set up for next Friday for a beautiful complex in the downtown Pasadena area. I'm super excited and filled with peace that God's will is better and what ever place we end up in - it will be perfect for our family =)

Ryan's job is going EXTREMELY well. He had his first business trip to AZ last week (yes, I stayed home with the kids and survived thanks be to God, Lynn & Terri) and is out to dinner right now with his CEO & VP!!! God answer's prayer, I'll tell ya what! We're both very thankful to God for this job and for how He is pouring out favor on Ryan with his coworkers and employers.

That's us in a nutshell for now. I'll be keeping you all posted and will try to stay current with pictures =)

Love you!