Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wow!! The Differences...

I have really been enjoying seeing these two start to interact with each other. Kai adores Adon and Adon watches Kai like a hawk - taking in every movement and sound that his big brother makes.

I've been getting a lot of comments about how Kai and Adon look alike and I can't help but think otherwise. I finally decided to compare pictures of the boys at around the same age.

Here's a pic of Kai when he was about 6 months - starting his baby food eating adventure:

....and here's Adon, very different! I'm sure there's some resemblance but, for the most part, he's a completely different baby =)

Here's Kai-guy right before crawling....

...and, here's Adon =)
I love my boys!! They are so much fun!