Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, Kai got his first balloon at a friends birthday party (which was super cute and decorated with rubber duckies and yellow balloons). He LOVES to try and bite the balloon - which I just realized probably isn't smart since it could pop and get into his mouth. I monitor him at all times though when he plays with it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Look who got his 1st Mickey Ears!

That's right!!! On Monday, I took Kai on his first trip to the happiest place on earth. He's been teething and suffering the runny nose, fevers and pain so I thought Disneyland would be a good distraction. Plus, I had already made plans to go with my Aunt Erinn and Uncle Tom and cousin, Fallon. Here are some shots from our day:

While I was enjoying "Soaring Over California", my Aunt Erinn took Kai and got him his first Mickey Ears. These we'll keep so he can wear them every time we go - hee hee hee

Kai's first ride was in "A Bug's Life" - the caterpillar ride (train ride only you're riding the caterpillar instead of a train)

Nice and relaxing.

His second ride was "Flick's Flyers" - you get into a snack box and it lifts you up and twirls you around like a marry go round - Kai LOVED this one. Note his big smile =)

More to come...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Peas!!! YUCK!!!

I keep trying to give Kai peas but he does NOT like them. I then try to convince myself that maybe he's just not in a mood to eat right now - maybe he's not hungry. But, today, I fed him carrots and rice cereal and he ate every bite. Then I tried giving him peas and this is what he did.

What do I do? Do I give up and not give him peas any more or should I work on it and try to get him to like it??? Any suggestions?