Tuesday, December 27, 2011

.:merry christmas & happy new years:.

.: Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!! :.

I would have loved to get out an official letter and picture card out to all of you this year but due to finances, we had to cut that out of our budget =( I figured I would at least post an "End of the Year" recap instead.

This year, Ryan and I have seen God do so much in our personal walks with Him as well as with our family as a whole. It's been a big year of learning how to be good stewards of the money He has given to us and really learning the truth that it is ALL God's. Even though we've been brought "low" this year, He has still richly rewarded and blessed us with fun activities, vacations and our "daily bread" - giving us all that we need =)

Ryan is still enjoying his job at eCivis working as a Customer Service Representative. He works so hard and faithfully at his job that it's hard NOT to be inspired to do the same in my role as a stay-at-home Mom =) He continues to lead one of the small groups as well as the sound team at our church and serves on the worship team as well. He has also been enjoying the opportunities to preach - yes! Preach! at our church and has seen God really directing him in that area =)

I've been learning and growing in my time management skills as I've had to figure out how to balance being a wife, mother, apartment manager and friend this year. It has proven to be good, hard work as I learn the importance of putting the needs of my husband and kids before work and household chores. I never realized how hard it would be to put the laundry down or leave a sink full of dirty dishes so that I could play and spend quality time with my boys!
Most of all, God's really been showing me the importance of getting up early before my kids so that I can have a few precious moments of reading His word while sipping my coffee. I've gotta enjoy it while I can because with baby boy #3 on the way, it's going to be back to getting it when I can =)

Kai-the-guy is now my big 3 year old and is talking up a storm, hamming it up with Daddy and using the potty all by himself!! He loves spending time with Daddy playing guitars, making up poo-poo jokes and then bursting out in loud sarcastic laughter. I'm enjoying watching him learn about Jesus, His work on the cross, and His word making the training well worth it.

Adon is now 16 months old and STILL NOT WALKING!!! He has been such a sufficient and FAST crawler that I fear he doesn't see the need to walk. But, as I've been comforted by many, he will eventually walk and has already taken several steps on his own. He's a big momma's boy and LOVES to follow his big brother Kai and play with everything and anything that he touches. He is such a happy-spunky kid and we all are having a blast watching him become his own little personality.

I am ABSOLUTELY loving all the boys in my home!!! I also love being the only girl which makes me the princess =) hee hee. Having these 3 men and one more on the way has made life so much fun and I thank God for each and every one of them!

Maybe God will bless us with a little girl some day =)

We love you all and we're looking forward to another year of growing in the knowledge of our Savior, doing His will and living for His glory!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you all!!!


Michelle Ball said...

I love this! we miss you guys! great post! =)